Stainless Steel Shower Drain/Linear Drains


Ferrograte offers a wide range of Drains, like S.S Square drains, S.S Linear Drain, S.S Recessed Drain, S.S Solid Top Drains, Stainless Steel Tile Drains and all types of Custom Made Drains are to be a manufacturer.

Stainless Steel Square drains:

Stainless Steel Square Drain is most commonly using in Showers. They are typically located in the middle of the shower floor, and the floor is sloped from all directions down to the drain. The shower floor is really a gently sloped funnel that directs all of the water into this drain.

Stainless Steel Linear drain:

Stainless Steel Linear Drain is one of the Shower Drain the pattern will be linear manner. They may be located in the middle of the floor but are most commonly placed along one wall of the shower. The design and placement of these drains mean the entire shower floor slopes gently and evenly toward the drain. No more funnel. Linear drains come in many different lengths,


  • Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals
  • Athletic Facilities & Locker Rooms
  • Residential
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • Commercial Blinding & Shopping Mall