Press Lock Grating

Press Lock Steel Grating Manufacturer Delivering On Time, Always

Ferrotech manufactures superior quality press-locked gratings that are always delivered on time. Aptly suited as floor platforms that see a lot of vehicular movements, the gratings are made with interlocking perpendicular bars. Certain other sectors where our press-locked steel bar gratings have proved particularly useful are industrial walkways as an access system and in architecture. For architectural applications, we supply steel grates that work as screens, dividers, grills, etc. To fulfill client’s needs, we manufacture differently finished press lock gratings.

Range of Surfaces & Finishing Proffered

Surfaces (corresponding to the area of application)

  •  Serrated (slip resistant)
  •  Plain – Smooth surface


  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Mill Finish
  • Painted Steel

Equal Bar Mesh Gratings For Varied Applications

When a patron needs gratings that optically offer the same view when seen from any angle, Ferrotech presents the Equal Bar Mesh Gratings. Made with equal length cross and bearing bars, these are reversible gratings. The thickness of the bars ranges from 2 to 5 mm. We are capable of producing varied mesh sizes starting from 33 mm and ending at 100 mm. As for the height, the bearing bars can reach upto 80mm. These special gratings can be used as:
• Sunshades
• Visual Protection
• Technical Ceilings



Years of experience has made us master of all things gratings. Give us call and we promise every query will be solved swiftly.