Heavy Duty Gratings

The Superlative Heavy Duty Grating Manufacturer in India You Need

Ferrotech is happy to provide Heavy Duty Gratings to clients for extreme load environments. Our bearing bars that have a height of 120 x 10 mm are capable of withstanding 80 tons of UDL and 11.5 tons of concentrated loads as long as there is 1 meter of clear span. The industries and sectors we serve run the gamut from fuel storage units to bridge building to fire brigade driveways. Our heavy duty gratings are built to last.

Manual Welded Grating For A Customised Order

Besides standard heavy duty gratings, Ferrotech creates manually welded gratings that come with specific bearing bar measurements. Based on the anticipated load and unsupported span, we can design and manufacture Manually Welded Heavy Duty Gratings. Some of the project requirements our customised gratings have fulfilled are:
• Airports
• Highways
• Inlet covers
• Plant floors
• Loading docks
Created to meet varied conditions like static load and heavy rolling, the bespoke heavy duty gratings can be devised in a range of spacing and bar sizes.

heavy duty2


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