FRP / GRP Gratings

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FRP gratings are manufactured by interlacing unsaturated polyester or phenolic resin matrix with fiberglass roving as reinforcing material. Gratings produced by this technique yield a product having excellent corrosion resistance. FRP gratings are also light in weight compared to conventional gratings.


Moulded Grating

Pultruded Grating

Fibreglass Grating – The Categories We Manufacture

At Ferrotech, we manufacture three types of Fibreglass Grating Pultrusion:
• I-Shape bars
• T-Shape bars
• High-Load bars

The last category is particularly suitable for heavy duty applications as the cross-rods are interconnected with bearing bars. We guarantee mechanical strength and anti-corrosion property. We assemble each panel mechanically and use a very high number of glass fibres to ensure better ergonomics and longer shelf life. Our gratings are easy to fabricate and effortless to install, too.


FRP gratings are widely used as walkways and platforms in Petrochemical industry, Textile dyeing industry, Chemical industry, Paper and pulp industry, Waste water treatment plants, Food and Beverage industry, Pharmaceuticals, Shipbuilding, Leather industry and Theme parks.



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