FRP Roofing / Cladding Sheets

FRP Roofing / Cladding Sheets:

Ferrotech’s s FRP Roofing sheets are manufactured by a continuous laminating machine that enables us to make the best quality FRP Corrugated / Flat Panels for roofing and cladding. Our FRP Panels can be manufactured with a layer of gel-coat on top. Using this continuous automated process of the manufacturing process, we can assure uniform thickness & profile, even reinforcement of glass fiber content, and very high technical properties. Our FRP Panels are great for industries that deal with corrosion such as the petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industries, salt industry, hazardous chemical industries, cooling towers, an area with heavy snow & rainfall, coastal areas, etc. Our products are:

  • Industrial Roofing / Cladding Solution
  • Cooling tower cladding panels
  • Sky light FRP Panels
  • Cold Chain FRP Panels
  • Gel coated FRP Panels
  • FRP SMC Sheets