Electro Forged Steel Grating


Electro-forged Gratings are manufactured by assembling a series of equally spaced metal bars to connecting cross members (square twisted/round rods). During the process, the bearing bars and cross rods are permanently forged together by heat and pressure into a single unit construction. This process provides a positive fused connection providing years of service under the most demanding conditions.

The twisted cross rods provide a non-slip walking surface. For applications where extremely slippery conditions prevail, serrated bearing bars are used for superior surface-grip. The applications of Electroforged grating are very diverse. Being extremely robust, safe yet light platform flooring, they are indispensable in all industries.

FERROTECH offers a wide selection of gratings worldwide. The diversity of possible applications requires an unusually large variety of products. Together with our customers, we select the right grating for their needs. We set the highest standards for our products, from the planning stage till delivery.

FERROTECH supplies gratings in the form of Standard panels, Tailor-made rectangular panels, Panels with Handrail notches, and openings in the middle for piping. We are experts in making circular gratings for oil storage tanks, cooling towers and chimneys, etc.

Standard Panels :

FERROTECH makes standard grating panels up to 1200mm width and 6000mm long in Clifford-make fully automatic Electro-forging machine. The panels are then moved to further processing. The quality of welds is ensured by the HMI system which interfaces with the machine.

Tailor-Made Gratings :

FERROTECH supplies custom-fabricated gratings to suit the site requirement. Our in-house engineering team details the GA and prepares fabrication drawings with individual mark numbers. The drawings are then sent to the customer for approval.

Our highly experienced technical team will be pleased to support and advise you with the load calculations. With a vast fabrication space of more than 130,000 square feet and a highly skilled workforce, our range of fabrication includes but is not limited to the following:

Notch on edges with toe plate

Notch on middle with toe plate

Circular gratings

Selection of Gratings :

Type : Plain / Serrated

Grating with plain flat

Grating with serrated flat

Mesh sizes:

(Load bar pitch x Cross bar pitch)

  • Pitch – 38, 50, 76, 100
  • 22.5 – 22.5 x 38, 22.5 x 50, 22.5 x 76, 22.5 x 100
  • 30 – 30 x 38, 30 x 50, 30 x 76, 30 x 100
  • 33 – 33 x 38, 33 x 50, 33 x 76, 33 x 100
  • 40 – 40 x 38, 40 x 50, 40 x 76, 40 x 100
  • 41 – 41 x 38, 41 x 50, 41 x 76, 41 x 100
  • 45 – 45 x 38, 45 x 50, 45 x 76, 45 x 100

For any other mesh-openings, if the required volume is more than 1000 sq. meters, then we can make the tool and supply.

Finish :

Self-colour / Painted / Hot-dip Galvanized

Self-colour grating

Painted grating

Galvanized grating