Aluminium Gratings

Aluminium Gratings

Aluminum Grating is recommended for corrosive applications Aluminum gratings are widely used in indoor ceilings, with excellent corrosion resistance, and non-sparking properties. It is suitable for industrial applications where the strength-to-weight ratio is important, such as wastewater treatment plants. It is mainly used for safety protection and served as walkways, floors, platforms, stair treads.

  • High load-carrying capacity.
  • Smooth and serrated surfaces are available. Good anti-slip performance for safety protection
  • Excellent corrosion and rust resistance for durability.
  • A variety of specifications and styles are available to meet various application environments.

The aluminum grating has various types, according to the applications and surface, it can be classified into different types.

1. Swaged Rectangular Aluminum Grating

Crossbars are fully locked within the bearing bars, slightly below the top surface. It has clean and crisp lines. With nearly 80% open area standard for industrial applications.

2. Swaged I-Bar Aluminum Grating

Supported by I-shaped extruded bearing bars, the striations at the top and bottom surfaces of the I bar increase the friction and provide high slip resistance performance.

3. Press Locked Aluminum Grating

Press locked aluminum grating is manufactured by inserting deep rectangular crossbars into pre-punched bearing bars to form an interlocking structure with strong lateral stability.