About Us

Our Vision

We strive to provide high-quality customized access engineering solutions ensuring satisfied customers in every part of the world
We are guided by our adherence to the highest quality standard, upholding commitments and long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers

Our Story

Ferrotech Structural’s (Ind) Pvt Ltd is a leading engineering company providing sustainable and reliable industrial solutions worldwide Formed in the year 2011, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Electroforged Gratings in India. Also, we’re the only one in South India. Over a decade of service, we managed to foster good business relations by satisfying our clients requirements.

Our products have been installed in several projects across multiple geographies like India, Middle East and Singapore. We also set our footprints in Australia and New Zealand.

Our business portfolio includes Industrial Flooring (Gratings), Cable Management system, Guardrails and Fiberglass products.

There is nothing more we love than helping patrons solve their access engineering problems. Ask us a question and our experts will be at hand.

Our Team